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xj91 08/09/2007 00h42

Les nouveautés antérieures

BuD|X| 08/09/2007 00h44

domage qu'il en n'est pas de nouvel a chaque mois.........................mé je comprend aussi l'ouvrage que sa fait sur le site!

xj91 08/09/2007 00h47

For more information, contact:
Steve Dowden, Vice President – Sales & Marketing
e-mail: [email protected] Tel.: (800) 233-2051 ext. 16

The Hi-Lift® X-TREME Jack is designed with the serious Hi-Lift® user in mind. In addition to being a perfect tool for off-roaders, farmers, ranchers, it is also ideal for fire and rescue personnel as a back-up tool for the “Jaws of Life”.

Available in the “top of the line” all-cast version (48” or 60” sizes), its special features include a charcoal metallic powder-coat finish, gold zinc-coated hardware and handle, and the special top winch-clamp-spreader attachment.

Charcoal Metallic Powder-Coat Finish – provides a truly unique look that separates it from the standard Hi-Lift® Jack.

Gold Zinc-Coat Hardware – all the hardware, the unique winch-clamp-spreader attachment, and the handle are gold zinc-coated to ensure the greatest rust resistance for extreme use.

Unique Winch-Clamp-Spreader Attachment – replaces top clamp-clevis of standard Hi-Lift® models. It’s easily located to allow the ability to winch, clamp, or spread up to 5,000 lbs. Special features include a 7/8” shackle hole for easy and secure non-binding shackle attachment, a 3/8” chain slot for easy and secure winching and quick slack adjustment (no hook required), a cut-out wedge for “gripping” when spreading, and a quick-tightening wing nut allowing positioning anywhere on the upright steel bar.



xj91 08/09/2007 00h51


Envoyé par BuD|X| (Message 246077)
domage qu'il en n'est pas de nouvel a chaque mois.........................mé je comprend aussi l'ouvrage que sa fait sur le site!

ca va dépendre des manufacturiers ...de leur press release, si au moins je peux mettre la main sur les meme que les sites américains recueille.

xj91 08/09/2007 01h00

Press Release

BDS Adds 6” Kits to Extensive 08 SD Lineup
6” Suspension System – 2008 Ford F-250, F-350 Super Duty 4WD

Coldwater, MI—August 13 , 2007—BDS recently introduced four new 6” lift kits for both gas and diesel 2008 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty 4WD pickups. Now Super Duty owners can choose from 10 BDS suspension systems to get the look and feel they’re looking for.

The standard 6” kits are available in rear block or rear leaf spring designs. The box kit includes two new radius arm drop brackets to put the stock radius arm back at factory angle, maintaining your stock driving characteristics. The kit also comes with a new steering stabilizer, anti-sway bar drop brackets, a dropped pitman arm for steering angle correction, a track bar relocation bracket to properly center your axle and bump stop extension. Choose the rear 5" block kit for a rear that is slightly lower than the front giving the pickup the “pre-runner” look. The rear leaf spring design is for those who want their truck level to slightly tail high.

The new 6” 4-Link Systems are also available with your choice of a rear block kit or rear leaf spring design. Why choose a 4-link system? It's simple, with 10" of wheel travel there is less than 1 degree of caster change (front axle rotation), this means control in the steering wheel over rough terrain. The stability in the steering wheel is noticeable even under normal driving conditions. In addition to four beefy control arms, these kits come with new 4-link frame mounting brackets. These aren't a drop down bracket; they actually replace the stock mounting system. Don't worry, no welding is required.

BDS Suspension products are covered by the exclusive No Fine Print Warranty, and are only available through authorized BDS distributors and www.bds-suspension.com. For a complete list of Distributors or to become a distributor, visit www.bds-suspension.com or call 517-279-2135 today!



xj91 08/09/2007 01h01

New WARN Wireless Control System for Powersport Winches

Clackamas, OR (1/1/07) - Warn Industries, the leader in aftermarket powersports performance products, has developed a new Wireless Control System to be used with WARN® powersports winches. You spoke, WARN listened. This Wireless Control System is designed from the ground up to suit your needs.

This system allows powersports enthusiasts a convenient and versatile option when winching an ATV or UTV. The Wireless Control System includes an easy-to-use, ergonomically designed, handheld wireless control with two long-life alkaline batteries; a receiver with a built-in antenna for the fastest installation; a handlebar-mounted holster for the handheld remote; and all the wiring and hardware needed for easy installation on an ATV or UTV. This quality wireless control system will fit all current WARN ATV and UTV winches as well as all existing WARN winches equipped with a contactor and mini-rocker switch. It will meet FCC, CE and IC standards, too.

Once installed, operation is a cinch. Simply press both of the handheld's large, easy-to-read buttons for five seconds until the LED turns green, signifying the power is on. To begin winching, hold the appropriate button, the winch will activate and the LED will turn red indicating winching is in progress. If the system remains idle for five minutes, it automatically shuts off to preserve battery life and prevent unintentional operation. If your battery becomes low, the LED will begin to flash red during operation so you know to replace the handheld's batteries. The long-life alkaline batteries are expected to provide years of service for even the most frequent users.

The Wireless Control System will still work under any vehicle voltage level that allows for winch operation.

This Wireless Control System is a great accessory to any WARN powersports winch, and gives enthusiasts more options when the trail gets tough.

About Warn Industries
Warn Industries is the world's most recognized brand in off-road products such as hub locks and vehicle recovery winches. The company designs, manufactures and markets a full line of off-road equipment and accessories that enhance the performance of four-wheel-drive and powersport vehicles. Warn Industries employs more than 600 people in and around Portland, Ore., Livonia, Mich., the Netherlands and Saltillo, Mexico.

xj91 08/09/2007 01h04


xj91 08/09/2007 01h23

1350 Dana 44 Pinion Yoke

Sep 7, 2007
By: Press Release
Jeep at Off-Road.com

Jeep and early Bronco owners now have a simple way to upgrade the driveline on their Dana 44 axles. Coast Driveline & Gear is proud to introduce their new 1350 Dana 44 Pinion Yoke using tough u-bolt style bolts. Available exclusively from Coast Driveline & Gear, the new 1350 series Dana 44 Pinion Yoke is designed to upgrade the stock driveline u-joints to much tougher 1-ton series u-joints. The kit replaces the weak stock bolt and strap setup with a much stronger u-bolt configuration. Designed for Spicer® 1350 series universal joints, this kit allows for a much stronger driveline, capable of steep driveshaft angles and built to handle oversized tires. The forged steel yoke is precision machined, heat-treated and given a DuraCoat™ finish to provide a durable, lasting finish. The kit includes the yoke with an integrated dust shield, pinion nut and u-bolts.
1350 Dana 44 Pinion Yoke Features
• Upgrade Dana 44 pinion yoke to 1350 1-ton series equipment.
• Specifically designed for Spicer® 1350-series universal joints.
• U-Bolt setup replaces weak stock bolt-&-strap setup.
• Extra strong design foroversized tires and steep driveline angles.
• Ultra-strong, forged construction.
• Precision-machined.
• Heat-treated for durability.
• Integrated dust-shield.
• DuraCoat™ finish for a durable, long-lasting finish.
• Includes: Yoke, Pinion Nut, and U-Bolts.

Rubicon conversion U-joint Part# 5-648x
Web Site:

xj91 08/09/2007 01h25

BFGoodrich Tires Proves Bigger is Better
Sep 5, 2007
By: Press Release

GREENVILLE, S.C. – The BFGoodrich® Mud-Terrain T/AKM2 tire can take anything and throw it right back. Designed from the mud up, it is built to eclipse any obstacle – and any other tire – on the trail. BFGoodrich Tires’ brain trust of engineers and designers improved the performance and styling of the previous BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/AKM tire to give serious off-roaders the edge with a stronger, more capable tire than anything seen before. After all, when the pavement ends, there is no such thing as an unfair advantage. The BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/AKM2 will ultimately be available in the largest amount of sizes and fitments over the course of the next two years and will go on sale beginning with phase one in September 2007, following up with phase two in September 2008.

With more off-roaders going big these days in their choice of trucks, lift kits and tire sizes, BFGoodrich Tires has the solution for nearly every application. The BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/AKM2 tire will ultimately be available in 34 sizes after each phase is complete, ranging from LT215/75R15 to 42x14.50R20 to satisfy today’s core off-road enthusiasts. Phase one available in September 2007 will include 16 sizes focusing on larger rim and overall tire diameters.

“One look at its ‘Krawler-like’ tread and you can tell the BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/AKM2 isn’t merely an update of a previous tire. It’s a completely different animal,” said Joe Mazur, light-truck category manager for BFGoodrich Tires. “However, off the trail, the BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/AKM2 has surprisingly good manners, which make it one beast that’s easy to live with.”

Inspired by the BFGoodrich Tires Krawler™ T/AKX which is the most successful tire in rock-crawling history, BFGoodrich Tires has incorporated Krawler TEK® into the BFGoodrich Tires Mud-Terrain T/AKM2 TriGard® sidewall. Krawler TEK consists of three components that dramatically improve the sidewall strength as compared to the BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/AKM tire. These three components consist of: aggressive sidewall lugs, cut- & chip- resistant sidewall compounds and sidewall cords that are up to 33 percent stronger than the previous Mud-Terrain T/AKM tire. These advancements allow for more bite and sidewall protection along with increased strength and resistance to bruising caused by rocks and rough trails.

Sporting the same attractive raised white lettering on the sidewall as its predecessor, the Mud-Terrain T/AKM2 commands respect in all environments. Additionally, the Mud-Terrain T/AKM2 boasts exceptional even wear characteristics and outstanding grip due to its Krawler-inspired tread design and a more Linear Flex Zone across the face of the tread. The result is a tire with an aggressive look and appeal partnered with unbelievable traction either off-road or around town.

Using motorsports as a proving ground for more than 30 years, BFGoodrich® Tires is involved in every type of racing, including oval, sports car, drifting, drag, desert, dirt, rally (Dakar and WRC) and extreme rock-crawling. BFGoodrich Tires combines technological expertise with vast motorsports experience, delivering a high-performance tire for every type of vehicle. Visit BFGoodrich Tires online at www.bfgoodrichtires.com

Tire Size

















* Even more sizes to come in September 2008.

xj91 01/10/2007 00h07

Solid Axle Industries Releases Hd 44 Rear Axle Assembly
Solid Axle Industries has listened to the TJ owners, and is proud to announce what is possibly the finest heavy duty bolt in replacement 44 axle on the market. We understand that there are other options available, and that these options are simply not hitting the mark. Thin walled tubes, weak housing design, improperly sized shafts and bearings lead to failure, and ultimately a disappointing weekend. The Solid Axle HD 44 is centered on our own engineered 44 low pinion housing featuring ˝ inch wall DOM axle tubes. Next, the assembly is fitted with premium components (ARB, Wilwood, Precision Gear, Timken, Goodridge), 35 spline alloy shafts, and is hand assembled to our precise guidelines and standards. Finally, the assembly is inspected, numbered, and packaged in a hardwood crate. It is shipped with a folder containing your owner’s documentation, and other information. For your convenience, we include 3 quarts of differential fluid for your initial fill.

· SOLID AXLE INDUSTRIES’ H.D. 44 DIFFERENTIAL COVER (Powder Coated, Lifetime Warranty)
· ARB RD-109 AIR LOCKER (35 Spline)
· PRECISION GEAR RING & PINION (4.10, 4.56, 4.88)
· WILWOOD ENGINEERING BRAKE KIT (12” Vented Rotor, 4 Piston Caliper w/ E-brake)
· 3.125 O.D. X .50 WALL DOM AXLE TUBE
· 1310 U-BOLT YOKE
· DUAL BOLT PATTERN (5.4.5 or 5.5.5)


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