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Attention Team: Update to the Tapatalk Issue


As you are aware, we have encountered some issues on our sites recently due to a recent update to the Tapatalk App. The update caused a variety of issues on the site such as double posting, attachments not displaying, site speed issues, and site outages. We've applied a hot fix to address the issues encountered. Even with the fixes user are still encountering issues. There have also been some changes to how users register on the app for the site and it conflicts with the spam protection put on most of the sites to help manage false sign ups. Due to the many concerns and issues still attached to the upgrade, we have decided to rollback the update to Tapatalk and run the earlier version until all concerns have been addressed.

Primary Issues we have been experiencing are:

- The Tapatalk app forcing new members to join through Tapatalk. This allows Tapatalk to collect new user’s information for their records which is something we have never given them approval to do. Some sites have special profile field they use for registration and there is no current way to have them added.

- Double Posts

- “Forum Not set up” Error message when accessing from the app, even when the site is properly set up.

We thank you for your patience during this time and ask that if you notice any issues on the forum to please let us know so we can look into it.

Thank you

The Community Support Team
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